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Hey Beautiful, I'm Jacki!

I specialize in natural maintainable color, and women's cuts.

My favorite moment doing hair, is watching my client look in the mirror and feel beautiful. That is when you know you made a difference.

When you sit in my chair you can expect to be heard. But I am going to keep it real with you. Giving you suggestions of what will work best with your hair type, facial shape, and your lifestyle.

I became a hairstylist because the salon was the only place I truly felt beautiful and connected with people.

When I am not in the salon you will find this mama driving from one sons' activity to the next, while listening to a podcast. Or you will find me hanging out near the water with a good book.

I get it, as we age we see women try to cover up their age instead of embracing it. That needs to change. We are beautiful at every age, and the world can see that by working with the right color, and cut, for our own individual look.


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